We felt that as our company grew. Our store and product-base just wouldn't cut it anymore. We are taking steps to increase our company quality and professionality.


How we started the company

Our company started in December of 2018 as a result of a bad Christmas present that our founder got from his grandmother. A green shirt that reads "Master gamer" in a construction-like font with the icon of a joystick. This raised the question, "Why do all gaming-related clothes look so cheesy?"

Then the brand was started on the idea of clothing that was gaming-related but also not too cheesy like something your grandma would give you for Christmas. We strive to make designs from the games you enjoy with quality that you will love. The respawn event is meant to restructure that belief with designs that more accurately reflect it.

We now have over 1,800 Youtubers, Twitch streamers, Instagram influencers, and content creators in general representing our brand and we hope to increase more and more. We are actively building a community of gamers to show the old, non-gaming, marketing executives, that we need something better than cheesy designs.

About the founder

Steven D, aka "Syphon" is an entrepreneur and gamer with 400 hours on CS:GO, 250 hours on Valorant, and 300 hours on Beat Saber. Steven started playing videogames at the age of 12 after his sister introduced him to a game called portal and then eventually Minecraft. He learned business and marketing after getting an Internship on his 14th birthday. Then in 2018, started Velocity as a result of the Christmas present mentioned above.

Our goals for the future

How we hope to fufill our mission.


Reach 50,000 Sponsors

Exponentially grow our sponsor-
base to reach as many people as


Sponsor S-Class Tournaments

Be the main sponsor of an ESL tournament or
on the same scale to give back and get the
word out there.


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